Hannah Carmody

Hannah Carmody

Darien Westport


What can’t you live without?

Laughter and funny people. I love being around people that make me laugh. Life is better when you are laughing!


What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

What makes ME happy is being surrounded by the people that I love. I love spending time with friends and family.


My perfect happiness (my JOY!): a beautiful, sunny beach day.


How would your friends describe you?

My friends would probably describe me as a positive and energetic person. I always try to make every day exciting and look for the bright side in any situation.


What was the best advice someone gave you?

The best advice someone ever gave me was to always follow your passion in life. My motto is "do what you love, love what you do" and it keeps me focused on finding the things in life that bring me happiness.


What is your guilty pleasure?

My country music obsession!


What is your favorite belt-it-out song?

"Irreplaceable" by Beyonce. There's nothing better than having your own carpool karaoke session with Queen B.


What is your spirit animal and why?

My spirit animal would probably be a flamingo. As a flamingo, you would do anything for your flock and love being around others at all times. Not to mention, these birds are a bright pink so they are not afraid to stand out.


Do you have a favorite charity? What is it / why?

As a Penn State graduate, THON is very close to my heart. Penn State Dance Marathon, THON, is Penn State's student-run philanthropy that raises money to support children and families impacted by pediatric cancer. I can't wait to teach a THON fundraising ride with other Fairfield County alumni this winter!

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