Cindy Tamburri

Cindy Tamburri

Ridgefield Wilton


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I think that riders were recently very surprised by my great love of playing poker. In another life I would move to Vegas and go "all in!” The only other game I love more then poker is Scrabble. I once played for six hours (21 consecutive games!) of Scrabble on a flight to Vegas with my mother. Talk about a winning combo: my mother, Scrabble & poker!


Good news is that as I have gotten older, I truly listen to good old Kenny Rodgers lyrics: "sometimes you gotta walk away… sometimes run!"


How would your friends describe you?

I think that my best friends would describe me as positive and persistent. I can tenaciously keep my eye on the upside while hammering diligently at the goal, problem or need. This can be a blessing and a curse at times — depending on who you are asking.


How would your kids describe you?

My kids would probably describe me as annoying. I do everything in my life with great passion — with no exception of my parenting. I want so badly to teach my children all the life lessons they need while they are still in my nest. I think sometimes they feel like I am teaching them a AP course in life skills — extremely fast-paced with lots of tests!


I hope some day when they are old enough to drive, they will have a situation where a car cuts them off on the road and their first thought is, "I can not possibility understand the problems that person may be having" and be able to let it go. Then I hope their second thought would be, "I am glad my crazy mom helped me think like this.” A girl can dream.


What’s your “rallying” phrase to get yourself psyched before class / in general?

“Let's get it!!” I never assume that I know why people come to fitness class — yet I do know that either desperation or inspiration got them there. Either way-, they are in the right place!


If your life were a song, what would the title be?

Well, I was very happy when James Bay wrote it: "Let it go…”  I always say in the studio: “Winning is sometimes just holding on a little longer and then other times truly winning is letting go.” 


I have always loved the song "Apologize" by One Republic. It is never to late to say you are sorry; it is never too late to own all the bumps in your journey! It takes time and lots of maturity (working on the latter) to understand that sometimes I would rather be " happy" then “right!"


If you could freeze one moment in time, what would it be?

If I could freeze one moment in time is would easily be a summer day at the Cape Cod beach with my family. The simple joy of this moment could last a lifetime.


Do you have a favorite charity? What is it / why?

I am tremendously honored to do any service that benefits the Open Door Shelter in Norwalk.

In our own backyard so many women, men and children are struggling to find a bed for the night and food. Our family has spent the last 13 years helping in numerous capacities. I am so proud that my children are actively participating now as well.



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