JoyRide cycling classes are designed as high intensity interval training rides, ridden to the beat with varying levels of resistance and tempos. Instructors are inspirational, music is motivational and the group energy is unparalleled. All fitness levels are welcome. Experiencing a JoyRide will empower body and mind and provide the fuel to live a bigger, bolder life beyond the studio.  


A classic JoyRide is a 50-minute indoor cycling class that includes aerobic and anaerobic interval training. Rides are beat driven and set to instructor-curated playlists that take you on a fitness journey! It’s a full body workout that includes high-intensity intervals, resistance and upper body arm-work.

A JoyRide with HIIT drills. Push to your maximum intensity for 20-seconds followed by 10-seconds of recovery. At JoyRide, we repeat these drills for seven rounds, helping you to find your most athletic self. Tabata training is the most efficient way to get fit, boost your metabolism and burn calories.

A challenging JoyRide designed to push riders out of their comfort zones for longer interval stretches. This class encourages riders to hold longer intervals with less recovery. This is the JoyRide that will take you to the next level of fitness.

You can only find this at JoyRide! A 30-minute 'JoyRide' followed by a 30-minute tightly choreographed circuit-style workout off the bike using weights and functional movements. The perfect full-body workout in just 60 minutes!

If you love hills, this is the JoyRide for you! A sustained-resistance class that keeps you climbing uphill for 50-minutes. Our skilled instructors guide you, as you push past your limits and reach new heights.

A concert or live DJ and a workout rolled into one! This ride features the same fun and intense workout as a typical JoyRide but is set to music played by a live band or live DJ.


JoyX offers high intensity circuit and sculpt classes that combine cardio and strength training for a hard core and efficient training session. Instructors offer modifications and advanced options for athletes of all levels. When the beats drop and the reps begin, a JoyX workout delivers an athletic training session guaranteed to produce results.


A full-body, weight-based circuit class with cardio drills is unique to JoyRide. The class design integrates compound and functional movements ideal for agility and building strength. This class has a dynamic and fast paced flow, set to motivational music and uses diverse props. Awaken the athlete within.

Get your body toned and trimmed and strengthen muscles you didn't know you had! A low-impact weight based full body workout. The class includes: weights, kettlebells, bands and more to get lean, toned, strong and fit! Chiseled shoulders down to the ankles.

This full-body workout combines strength and cardio with extra emphasis on balance training. The BOSU ball, or balance trainer, makes exercises extra challenging by creating instability, which forces you to engage your core improve coordination!




Our Pilates and Barre classes @ JoyX emphasize strengthening, lengthening and flexibility. A perfect complement to your ride!    


JoyRide Pilates focuses on strengthening the abdominal and postural muscles while lengthening and improving flexibility. Props included to make it hardcore.

JoyRide’s energizing Pilates mat class with an added dose of challenge - the Bosu. The BOSU ball, or balance trainer, makes exercises extra challenging by creating instability. It’s hardcore!

The Forme Method® incorporates elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training into a dynamic 60-minute format that will transform your body. This class mixes intense muscle training with intentional stretch phases which results in a long, lean physique with gorgeous tone. Improve posture and flexibility while sculpting your entire body for noticeable and dramatic results.

A 60-minute barre workout using light weights, bodyweight movements and a ballet barre to lengthen, strengthen and tone every muscle in your body. Expect to achieve a long, lean body and increased flexibility.