Your Guide To The JoyRide Waitlist

We know the feeling… the class you want is full. But have no fear, our waitlist WORKS! Below are some JoyRide 101 reminders to keep in mind as you put yourself on a “dreaded” waitlist!

Reminder #1: Check your waitlist status under the "My Classes" tab on the JoyRide website.

Reminder #2: If there are cancellations before 11:59 p.m. the night before class, you will be automatically added to the class.

Reminder #3: If a bike becomes available on the day of the class, we will not automatically enroll you. We will call waitlisted riders and enroll upon confirmation.

Reminder #4: 

If the class IS sold out: you may wait on standby for a bike. Our studio policy is that you have to check in at the front desk before the start of class. It is a first-come, first-serve policy no matter what number you are on the waitlist. Show up at the studio and if there's a no-show, you may be able to grab a spot!

If the class is NOT sold out: there will a 5-minute grace period. After five minutes, you will not be allowed to enter the studio. This is both for your safety (it's dark in there after the warm-up!) and the enjoyment and focus of other riders.