Xtend + JoyRide Instructor Profile: Rhodie Lorenz

By: Jessica Gordan Ryan

I recently sat down to chat with Rhodie Lorenz, co-founder of JoyRide, to talk about the addition of the Xtend Barre program to the JoyRide community.


JGR: We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately on a new program you’re adding to Studio 2 at JoyRide in Westport called Xtend Barre. Can you tell us more about it?

RL: We are really excited about partnering with Xtend Barre. Barre is an extremely popular form of fitness and it has staying power. Barre is a great workout because it combines strength and flexibility. We particularly liked Xtend because Andrea Rogers, founder and owner, comes from a Pilates and dance background and believes strongly in providing a workout that is balanced, safe, and emphasizes proper form.

My background is also in Pilates and I’ve designed our cycling program based on these same principals. Pilates is a foundation for movement, and so however you apply movement, if based off of Pilates principles, you know it will be safe as well as effective.

JGR: How did you learn about Xtend Barre?

RL: Amy and I were introduced through a mutual friend to Andrea. Andrea was interested in the pairing of cycling with Barre as complementary modalities. Xtend Barre is the largest Barre franchise in the world, with studios in Australia, Asia and Europe. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, where she lives. The closest studios are in New York and we are thrilled to bring this program to Connecticut.

We have had Barre in the past but it had been reliant on instructors to come with existing certifications. We’ve seen through our cycling and signature Joy X programs that having a specific and consistent format is very successful and we are excited to create that same consistent experience with our Barre program.   

JGR: Is this a great program for men too?

RL: It is indeed! This barre program is dynamic. Xtend combines all the benefits of a traditional Barre classes including small high repetition movements and lengthening for a full body workout, but it is fast paced so participants will also get their heart rates up and burn more calories. After some barre classes we often hear people say that they still feel they need cardio (a run or a cycling class), with this new program clients will  will definitely feel as though they have gotten a great workout. Our members are super hard core and it wouldn’t surprise me if they still wanted to take a cycling class afterwards!

We look forward to seeing our open-minded JoyRide men try out some of these classes. Men, generally speaking, need Barre just as much if not more than women, mainly because they tend to be less flexible. Increasing flexibility is key to preventing injury, back injuries in particular.

JGR: When can members see this on the schedule?

RL: We’ll be officially launching in September, with some free Community Classes the week of the September 11th. We will be offering three Xtend Barre classes a day during the week in addition to keeping some of our most popular classes that are already offered in Studio 2. We’ll still have a variety on the schedule, we’ll just have more options and times to choose from.

JGR: Who will be teaching these classes?

RL: We have an amazing crew of instructors! Jamie, who currently teaches cycling at JoyRide, and I will be teaching and we also have three new motivating instructors to JoyRide; Blythe Hill, Caitlin Roberts, and Audrey Slater. We’ll be introducing them to you all soon.

Whether you have done barre before or not, we hope you will come try our classes during the Community Free week and barre into your weekly fitness program. Cross training is the best way to stay fit, injury free, and engaged. Meet you at the barre!