What's Your Holiday Indulgence?

The holidays are looming (and so are all of the delicious holiday foods). While we’re all about getting healthy and fit at JoyRide, everyone, including our instructors, needs a good indulgence once and a while! Don’t you think we’ve earned it? Do you ever wonder what your favorite instructor craves on when they’re not on the bike? Read below.


Jaime Falco: two words: SHAKE SHACK. (and wine)

Deb Conry: Cookie dough and cheese and crackers! Around the holidays, it’s chocolate gelt! It's like the cheapest / low quality chocolate ever but my inner kid has to have it!

Maggie Matthews: Anytime of year I can’t resist a good cheese board. Cheese, charcuterie and Chardonnay are my major vices!

Meagen O’Connell: Colony Pizza or a Cheeseburger and Onion Rings! Around the holidays, I love any sort of hot dip...I like em' all!

Roz Koether: Cheese and crackers and ice cream...chocolate, of course!*

Rhodie Lorenz: Cheat day would be ice cream and chocolate or dips and cheese!*

*Can you tell Rhodie and Roz are BFF’s? :)

Lynn DiNanno: Those darn Swedish Fish at JOY Wilton scream my name every day! For the holidays, I love Peppermint Bark and oh...how can I deny my Peppermint Stick Ice Cream! It's the season to be JOLLY! 

Tara Snow: My mother’s seven-layer ice cream cake! She only makes it for Christmas so it is extra special, not too mention it takes 7 hours to make!! The crust is my favorite part: an amazing, hand-made cookie crust!

Sami Ginzberg: Homemade COOKIE DOUGH! I can’t get it into my mouth fast enough… hehe! Can’t wait for all the holiday festivities!

Nicole Connors: I make these amazing peanut butter balls for the neighbors and eat them as I make them!

Mackenzie Pretty: Salad pizza from Colony Grill...the whole pie!

David Reyes: Cheesecake. Cheesecake is Gods gift to mankind!

Stephanie Connor: Nachos and a beer! Around the holidays, I grew up in an Italian family so my go-to would be a big plate of pasta!

Selina Santos: Um...come on...that's easy....donuts! But if you must know, it can also be Oscar Meyer Bologna Sandwiches on White Wonder Bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies (yeah, I'm like a child). Over the holidays, it's my mom's eggrolls!

Anna Zap: Doritos. Cool Ranch. Even on Christmas, which is the only non-traditional thing my mom will put on the appetizer table because she knows I love them. 

Alison Vitolo: Homemade pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing! It doesn't last 24 hours in our house! With three athletes, no food stands a chance. ;)

Emily Swet: WINE AND CHEESE!! My holiday indulgence would be everything on the Antipasto Platter, followed by seconds :)

Nicci Chalker: On a cheat day, it's homeade lasagna! Over the holidays, it's spinach dip with Hawaiian bread and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Jeni Applegate: Annually, I may or may not indulge in enough eggnog to make myself sick. When it's not holiday time, the answer is always pizza.