What's The Correct Handlebar Height For Your Bike?

(aka. How Not to Get Injured During Your Cycling Class)


Other studios lower handlebars without the option to raise to a 'comfortable' level for neutral postural alignment. When riding with the handlebars low, the spine is naturally put into flexion, which is advantageous for outdoor riding as it is more aerodynamic. However, since indoor cyclists do not care about timed trials against wind, it is far better to have handlebars raised (as at JoyRide) to encourage minimal or zero spinal flexion, and therefore a better weight distribution among the joints (particularly the lumbar spine and hips). 

Riding with too much spinal flexion (or hunched over) also inhibits optimal breathing since it is difficult for the chest to be open when reaching low for the handle bars. 

From a posture and exercise physiology perspective, JoyRide has put great thought into positioning on the bike. We want to ensure that our riders are comfortable during the ride and get the most effective workout possible with the proper positioning.

Safety and efficiency are paramount to your JoyRide!  If you have a question about your bike setup, including handlebar height, please ask a desk staffer or an instructor.