What Makes JoyRide Special

What makes JoyRide special? Well, lots of things!  At JoyRide we take indoor cycling and fitness very seriously. While some folks go to the gym, our customers JoyRide.  A JoyRide class is an opportunity to discover that one's potential does not have limits, exercise should be fun, and being fully present is what life is all about. 


1. What is indoor cycling?  

Indoor cycling is a unique group exercise class because it appeals to people of disparate fitness levels and both the novice and experienced athlete can attain a challenging workout. The ride is set to rocking music and led by a high energy instructor!

2. What are the benefits of indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is one of the most efficient and effective forms of aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular exercise.  Interval training is one of the most efficient ways to get fit and lose weight.  Physical benefits include improved cardiovascular endurance and strength, weight loss, and increased muscle tone. Mental benefits include honing focus, reducing stress, and connecting the mind and body. In short, physical + mental benefits = looking and feeling great!

3. What makes JoyRide unique?

JoyRide is unique because we strive to create an experience, not just an exercise class.  Indoor cycling is our primary service and we spend a lot of time on details that make your ride better: lighting, atmosphere, music, sound system, ventilation and instruction. In addition, JoyRide has its own proprietary method and ongoing training for instructors.  Our method emphasizes the mind/ body connection in our teaching and motivates riders to stay positive and tap into their mental and physical strength to achieve peak performance.

4. What is your advice for new riders?

A new rider's greatest hurdle is the intimidation of indoor cycling.  People perceive indoor cycling as a high intensity workout for only extremely fit riders.  In fact, compared to any other group fitness class, indoor cycling enables participants to go at their own pace.  Riders control resistance and speed and can take breaks whenever they need.  The room is dimly lit to help riders focus and reduce distractions. Instructors coach riders to challenge themselves, but each rider remains in control of her ride. So, my best piece of advice is: indoor cycling is designed for any fitness level and is the most fun you will ever have working out! Give it a try! Warning: it is highly addictive. 

5.  How does the group environment motivate riders?

Simple: energy! Think rock concert, football stadium, dance club, marathon.  You can't create these experiences with a few people - it is the group that makes the experience come alive.  Similarly, a group of eager riders infuses an indoor cycling class with energy that takes the experience from just an exercise to a fun, high energy and more challenging pace.  Riders and instructors feed off of one another's energy and in turn inspire, motivate, and push one another to a higher level of fitness and self-discovery.