What's The Difference Between JOY And Happiness?

Life is AMAZING! This year, 2017, we have 365 opportunities to shed our light with our community and expose our talents to anyone who crosses our path. As amazing as life can be, we cannot overlook the realities of our world. Meaning, life in its fullness, is both beautiful and broken. 


Every single time a person enters the cycling studio at JoyRide, they walk into that room with a story to tell. Some people are telling a story that is full of excitement while others are sharing a story that breaks your heart. We at JoyRide are a community. We smile together, we cry together and we embrace life’s entire path regardless of circumstance. We live, breathe and teach the true meaning of JOY! 

Joy, is NOT to be confused with happiness. Too many of us make this mistake. Happiness is based on happenings. In other words, happiness is equal to circumstance. “If this happens, I will be happy. If this doesn't happen, I will be sad…”

Happiness is a feeling. Feelings are NOT facts. AND a fact, in its definition, is a thing that is indisputably the case.

Joy, in fact, is constant and NOT at all based on circumstance! Joy is grounded in one of the greatest virtues we have as the human family – ACCEPTANCE! Joy is a GIFT from within — a gift that we cannot see, that we cannot touch, that we cannot earn, and that we cannot buy. Joy is a strong mindset, a deep belief in one’s heart and a foundation for self-identity. It is knowing that you are worthy despite what anyone tells you, it is that you are beautiful even if the mirror says you are not, it is that you are awesome just the way you are!   

In the profound words of Mother Teresa: “Joy is strength”!

We live in a very affluent area where the compass of our lives can be driven by material comforts. I’ve personally witnessed the transformation of people’s lives’ go from material comfort to something DEEPER. What they found was a passion, a purpose and presence within themselves that are rooted in wholeness and worthiness.   

There is nothing better in this life than witnessing, experiencing and living out the gift of JOY!  

More than ever, I'm amazed by how sharing joy REALLY changes people’s lives. When ANYONE enters our doors at JoyRide, our goal is to transform them from the inside out. This year, 2017, I hope that all of us learn that the greatest gifts in this world can’t be seen. They come from the belief in our hearts -- intangible, inexpensive and indispensable LOVE, PEACE AND JOY.

Written by Gary Morello