Tricia's Journey To The New York City Marathon: Part Two

There are 21 weeks until the NYC marathon, but who’s counting? ME.


My actual training is just two weeks away, but since my last blog I have been getting reacquainted with heavy legs and the mornings when my legs start talking back.

I am happy to say that I have been running consistently 3 to 4 times / week, anywhere from three to four miles. Physically, I am feeling better from when I first started and my pace has picked up. It has everything to do with keeping consistent and focusing on the goal. If you focus too much on other things, then you lose sight of your goal.

My Goal: to finish this marathon injury-free. In order to do that I need to and WILL make running my "go to" exercise for the next couple of months.

Key Tip: Cross-Train!

I am so grateful to be teaching during my training, as this enables me to cross-train. Cross-training is extremely important for any marathon training. Cross-training should include a low-impact aerobic workout which you offset with your running. This exercise can be swimming, spinning, yoga, elliptical or rowing -- to name a few! You should mix in a cross-training workout into your running schedule 2-3x a week.

Always Make Time for Rest!

Finding time for rest is very hard for me, especially with the classes that I teach. Once my long runs start, making time for rest is an absolute must. Adding a day or two of rest to your exercise regimen is SO important. It gives your body (and mind!) time to decompress. Your muscles also need time to mend themselves.

Check back next month in part three of my JoyRide blog series to see how my training is going! I officially start training on July 3rd. Will I be ready? I say YES!