Tricia's Journey To The New York City Marathon: Part Three

The NYC Marathon is 10 short days away! I'm feeling ready; mentally and physically, here’s why.


So how did I do it?

There were four key parts of my process to get myself ready to run the New York City Marathon:


1. Training

My training started Monday, July 3 and consisted of running 4x / week. Since July 3, I have logged over 370 miles! My longest training run was 20 miles, but the taper has officially begun.

2. Cross-Training

I owe my endurance over the past three months all to cross-training! Cross-training is KEY. Continuing to spin (I lead classes multiple classes per week at JoyWilton) has really helped me keep my cardio up and keep my legs feeling refreshed.

3. Recovery

Recovery is SO important. I really relied on my supplements to help heal my sore muscles, enabling me to rebound the next day. Between spinning, running, kettlebell and pilates I have limited “rest” time. However, I feel stronger because I cross-trained.

4. My 26+ Reasons to Run

I will be running a mile for everyone that has beat, battled and lost to cancer. 26.2 miles and 26+ names on my back to help me push to the very end.