Tricia's Journey To The New York City Marathon: Part One

At JoyRide, many of our riders cross-train with other activities -- running, tennis, skiing, boxing, Pilates and more. This spring and fall, we are JOYfully supporting our own rockstar instructor, Tricia Buffardi as she bounces back from a knee injury to train for her seventh marathon and second New York City Marathon. She shares her journey to NYC with us below.


Today, I plugged in my GPS watch and dusted it off. Tomorrow will be my first run since October 12, 2016.

 I ran my 12th half marathon in the beginning of October in Ridgefield. That day in October, I was planning on running to train for (yet another) half in Weston at the end of that month.

My knee was saying otherwise. Tendinitis was cramping my style and it was so painful that I had to stop a quarter mile into it. “Really?" I thought. Nine years of running and this would be my first race I would have to drop out of due to an injury.

I also needed to keep in mind that while I was in pain, I needed to make the right decision, because my job as a fitness instructor did not give me a chance "to rest or nurse an injury." So I dropped out of the race and allowed my knee to heel.

I should have practiced what I had always preached to my fellow friends and runners. I hadn’t trained enough and increased my mileage too quickly -- thus putting me in this predicament.


"Listen to your body, Tricia. Practice what you preach! Repeat 3x."

And I did.

So, let's fast forward five months later. Present day. Knee healed! In January, I registered for the lottery to run my second NYC marathon. Last week, I was accepted! As you can imagine, I am excited and nervous.

This time as I start my training, I will listen to my body and incorporate the necessary training by using a combination of indoor cycling, yoga and strength training. My approach will also include following a strict 18-week training schedule, cross-training and using rest days truly as REST days.

My official training will start the end of June, but I plan to start running this week while on vacation. I will continue to start slow in pace and increase mileage, so by the time my actual training regimen starts, I am physically and mentally prepared.

Here’s my pre-training plan: To kickstart my training, I will run three times a week at a comfortable pace for three miles. I will do this for two weeks. Then on the third week, I will up my mileage to four miles, three times a week, while also ramping my speed up a bit. I will continue this for one more week. So, six weeks total before I initially start "my training schedule."

Adding indoor cycling to my running regimen really helps build my core, glute and quad strength and it keeps my cardio in check. It is also low impact so it's a great cross-training tool to use after a long run. 

I also use bikram yoga as a cross-training tool as well. Bikram has so many health benefits. I find it keeps my cardio up and it also helps my knees (a problem area for me sometimes). It teaches me how to breath calmly and it is also a great way to get your body used to heat, especially for the summer training.

I can’t wait to share my JOYful training journey.

Guest Blog By Tricia Buffardi