Top 4 Reasons To Never Miss A Monday

Oh, Monday -- the dreaded day that we’re back to reality. Your alarm clock goes off, your feet go on the floor and you think to yourself “maybe I’ll skip my workout today.” But wait! …


As Alison Vitolo says, “at JoyRide, Monday is the day that we start our week off with the sound of music, a lot of sweat and the most amazing energy created by everyone working hard to be better inside and out.”

So, why shouldn’t you skip your Monday workout? Our Monday morning JoyRide instructors broke it down for us. Read on!

You will set the tone for your week.

One of the hardest days to motivate to work out is on Monday morning! You are tired from the weekend, there is a HUGE to-do list hanging over you for the work week, etc. BUT if you can lace up those sneakers or clip into a bike on Monday, then you are more likely to do it for the rest of the week as well! And I promise, at JoyRide we will start your week with a little sweat and a LOT of smiles … a perfect way to set the tone for your entire week! -- Mackenzie Pretty

Mondays are a fresh start.

As Cindy Tamburri says, “you don't need a New Year... just a Monday!”

How we set the tone for our week is set on Monday. It is an opportunity to hit the refresh button and start fresh. If we begin positive habits on Monday, we are more likely to continue those habits though the week. Setting the tone ahead for the rest of the week with fitness helps us feel a sense of accomplishment for our weekly goals. -- Rhodie Lorenz 

It helps you stay committed to your workouts.

Even though it might be a little bit harder to find your mojo on Mondays, it’s always worth the extra effort. One good decision leads to another so it sets up a pattern of success from the get-go. Why not create some positive momentum to carry you through the week? -- Stacia Howard

Your productivity level will increase.

Working out in the morning, especially on Monday, prepares you for whatever is coming your way during the week, work emails, calls, kids' schedules. You'll attack those responsibilities harder, less stressed and prepared for anything. -- Selina Santos