Top 10 Healthiest New Years Resolutions (And How To Achieve Them!)

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolutions time. We know that many of you have certain goals in mind for the upcoming New Year, but do you find yourself year after year quitting your goals come February 1? Read our instructors’ advice below for the healthiest New Year’s resolutions you can make – healthy physically, mentally and emotionally – AND how to achieve them all year round!


1. Think the Best in People

Instructor: Nicole Connors

Why: It will bring you peace!

How to Achieve It: Don’t let your mind wander! See people for the good they have, stay positive and rid yourself of unwanted thoughts or things that don't bring you joy!


2. Practice Meditation

Instructor: Rhodie Lorenz

Why: It’s important to find some quiet time to pause from our busy and hectic lives.

How to Achieve It: Make it a part of your daily schedule! Set the same time every day for it.


3. Cut Back the Midnight Snacking

Instructor: Jeni Applegate

Why: Sleep walking to the kitchen does not lead to the most health-conscious snacking decisions generally and ohhh the regret the next morning!

How to Achieve It: Make your own snacks for the week when you’re prepping lunches for your kids.


4. Take One Hour per Week and Teach Something & Learn Something

Instructor: Jimmy Coscina

Why: As we grow, we should always discover better ways to elevate others and ourselves. 

How to Achieve It: This could simply mean a lunch where you’re learning from someone who is wiser than you or reading a book. Teaching something could be as simple as taking your family to a museum or helping a client achieve a goal.


5. Find Freedom From Technology

Instructor: Selina Santos

Why: Create memories just for yourself without the need to post, tag or update. It's important to remember who are! Technology has a way of taking away our ability to connect with ourselves and with others. 

How to Achieve It: Set aside specific times in a day or month for a digital diet and stick to it. Don't check email for the first hour of your day or shut off your phone the second you come home from work and don't pick it up again until the next day. When you're sitting down for a meal with anyone, leave your phone off the table. 


6. Educate Yourself on How to Become Better at Your Job

Instructor: Tracy Trubovich

Why: While it is easy to get into a rhythm and go through the motions, there is nothing like stepping it up for your clients. Bring new ideas to the floor.

How to Achieve It: For me personally, I will do this by taking more classes from a wide variety of instructors, reading more articles on fitness and getting feedback! But you can tailor this to any job – read more, do more and learn more!


7. Drown Yourself in Water

Instructor: Anna Zap

Why: Not only does it help you lose bloat, but your skin will be healthier AND you’ll feel much more energized. The perfect analogy is thinking about a plant and what happens when it doesn’t get watered, now imagine that’s your body.

How to Achieve It: Drink 15 cups of water a day!

8. Embrace the Moment You’re In

Instructor: Lynn DiNanno

Why: Life is not an emergency and to truly embrace the moment you are in, whether it is at an intense JoyRide class, walking your dog, or taking the day off that your body is asking for is important! Life is TOO short to sweat the small stuff!

How to Achieve It: Truly listen to your head and to your heart! When both are in sync, the opportunities for success are endless!


Instructor: Maggie Matthews

Why: It becomes a lot harder to meet daily goals and expectations when you're running on fumes!

How to Achieve It: Use the "bedtime" function on your iPhone. You plug in what time you want to go to bed and what time to wake up. It sends a reminder 30 minutes beforehand reminding you to get ready for bed!

10. Always Find the JOY in Life!

Instructor: Cindy Tamburri

Why: Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

How To Achieve It: Joy only comes from within you and is always there. Simply said: it is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us JOYful. And when in doubt, come to JoyRide!