Tips For A Healthy And JoyFul 2016

Happy New Year, JoyRide! A new year means a clean slate - it is the perfect time to focus on YOU! Find JOY in 2016 and follow instructor Selina Santos’ four tips for a healthy, successful and rewarding new year!


1. Music Motivator

Build an incredible playlist to motivate you - music that gets your heart pumping. Listen to it, at home, in the car, on the way to the gym. Music is an incredible motivator and adrenaline rush. But most of all, let it inspire you.

2. Don't Focus On Numbers

Yes, your goal maybe to lose weight, but work toward your mental focus as well. Exercise releases endorphins, creating feelings of happiness and positivity. After a work out you may feel more creative, more focused, less stressed and that clarity and purpose will keep you focused on your goal.

3. Give the Morning a Shot!

Not a morning person? Try it once in a while; we tend to get caught up with our daily activities that the most common response to missing a workout is "I don't have time" exercise in the morning can last throughout your day. You will also be more inclined to eat better during your day, because of the hard work you did in the morning.

4. Get Sleep!

I know it's so easy to say but many of us are sleep deprived. This comes with my #3 tip when you workout in the AM you are more likely to get a good nights rest. If you are well rested, you are more likely to commit to your exercise routine - creating a habit you will fall in love with.