The Importance of Human Connection, AKA, Why You Still Need To Ride In The Studio

In the Age of Technology, there’s an app for everything. Food, clothing, music, fitness - they can all be yours with the simple click of button.


As self-proclaimed Amazon Prime addicts, we get it. The convenience can’t be beat. What once required a drive to the store can now be done while in your pajamas. It’s a multitaskers dream.

The same can be said for fitness. The hot trend is all about bringing the workout to you: in home, at the office, or on vacation remotely and instantly.  We understand - streaming classes is convenient! Plus, with work, kids, weather and travel, sometimes it’s just hard to get to the studio. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fortë.fit, an amazing technology company that live streams our JoyRide classes in addition to many other well-known boutiques such as, Exhale, Ripped and Aerospace. So, if you don’t live near a studio, you’re traveling, or you’re stuck inside on a snow day, Fortë (+ JoyRide) to the rescue! 

But, sometimes experience is sacrificed for convenience. Watching a sports game or concert of your favorite band at home is no substitute for the experience of being there live. And streaming cycling classes is no exception. While riding alone may be efficient, it’s missing the second, and arguably more important part of group exercise, the human connection.

As author Brene Brown writes connection is “the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” 

At JoyRide, our workouts are so much more than 50-minutes of high-intensity, sweaty cardio on a bike, they’re about connecting with others. There is an important sense of belonging mixed in between the sprints and hills in a JoyRide class. Nothing can replace the feeling of shared joy when your favorite song is played in class or the high-five to the person next to you when you get to the top of a heavy hill. The collective energy is a palpable force.

With all the scary and crazy things going on in the world today, hiding out may seem like a good idea.  But the remedy for fear is not hiding, it’s belonging. Brown’s research shows that “face-to-face connection is imperative in our true belonging practice.” So, while you can burn calories at home, community and belonging are not something you can get through a screen. You need to be with other people. A smile, a hug, a shared experience. It matters.

Beyond the human connection, riding with a class full of people with like-minded goals helps you mentally and physically.  Studies show that group fitness:

  • Increases the effectiveness of your workout

  • Negates feelings of anxiety or depression

  • Motivates you to push harder than you would alone

  • Creates a bond and team feel

  • Creates accountability

In that dark room, we’re a team. We celebrate each other’s accomplishment and push each other to reach our goals.  After 50 minutes of shared energy, we come out stronger together than we were alone.  So, the next time you’re feeling low, or it’s cold and rainy, don’t namaste in your bed, instead book a bike in the studio and ride with others… you’ll thank us later.

Written by JoyRide co-founder and CEO Amy Hochhauser