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Three Things you Didn’t Know About me — Instructor Miguel Rosa

This rockstar new instructor is not only a hero to JoyRide — he is a hero to our country.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it is only fitting that we highlight this strong, yet humble human. He shares three things about himself, including some personal moments serving with the Connecticut Army National Guard in Afghanistan.

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The Importance of Human Connection, AKA, Why You Still Need To Ride In The Studio

Sometimes experience is sacrificed for convenience. Watching a sports game or concert of your favorite band at home is no substitute for the experience of being there live. And streaming cycling classes is no exception. While riding alone may be efficient, it’s missing the second, and arguably more important part of group exercise, the human connection.

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Get Uncomfortable To Get Stronger: Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise

We’ve all heard the terms "aerobic" and "anaerobic" used in the context of fitness, but not everyone understands the difference. Indoor cycling (including your daily dose of JOY!) as well as running, swimming, and other group fitness classes are all examples of exercises that incorporate both aerobic and anaerobic training.

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Tricia's Journey To The New York City Marathon: Part One

At JoyRide, many of our riders cross-train with other activities -- running, tennis, skiing, boxing, Pilates and more. This spring and fall, we are JOYfully supporting our own rockstar instructor, Tricia Buffardi as she bounces back from a knee injury to train for her seventh marathon and second New York City Marathon. Here she shares her journey to NYC with us.

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There Is No "Front Row" At JoyRide!

At JoyRide, we always say “there is no front row,” and that you will have the same high-energy, endorphin-surged experience in all of our indoor cycling classes, regardless of where you ride in the studio. This being said, we also want JoyRiders to know that riding in the front row can be an outstanding experience, and all are welcome there. We love how Erin Ritz gave it a try and now she’s hooked.

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