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f you haven’t met the new JoyRide instructor Deb Conry yet, there is no doubt you’ve seen her enormous smile and infectious positive energy at JoyRide! She teaches indoor cycling with a twist: 35 minutes of intense cardio on the bike and 25 minutes of guided meditation off the bike, in Studio 2. In order to get our new year off to the right start, we asked her how she stays so positive and stress-free.

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Top 6 TIPS To Combat Your Post-Workout Soreness

We know the feeling – you just worked up the courage to try a new class, brand new to your body, and you’re feeling great, that is until the soreness hits the next morning! Where do you go from here? We asked a cycle, a circuit and a POUND instructor what their advice would be to our JOYful riders who are feeling the effects of a new workout the next day.

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Fact Or Fiction? Seven Weight-Training Myths

A funny thing happened to me in my mid-twenties.  I woke up one morning and realized that my “sexy curves” were really fat rolls.  Don’t get me wrong, curves on a woman are sexy, but there comes a time when you have to acknowledge the difference between having a busty chest and growing an extra muffin top as back fat.  

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