Sure To Be An Ace! How Does JoyRide Support Your Love Of Tennis?

Many of our JoyRiders are tennis enthusiasts – and so am I! It’s one of my favorite outdoor summer sports, and thankfully JoyRide has me well-trained to stay quick and strong during long matches and challenging drills. How does indoor cycling help my tennis, you ask?


Tennis is a stop-and-go game. A player is required to move in bursts of speed, followed by short periods of recovery.  To support what is required on the court, training should consist of exercise that builds cardiovascular endurance via high intensity intervals, followed by brief recoveries.  JoyRide’s indoor cycling classes do exactly this: They offer an opportunity to develop optimal endurance by training anaerobically during high intensity intervals.

While all cycling classes will help in this respect, there are JoyRide classes that are even more focused on this type of interval training.  For example, many tennis players gravitate toward “HIIT” (High Intensity Interval Endurance Training) classes, such as Tabata, ResistanceRides, 51/49 Negative Split Drill Classes and Interval + Endurance.  These rides are specifically designed to hone pacing skills and push riders’ anaerobic thresholds. This, in turn, helps train players to achieve their peak performance and prevent fatigue on the court.  

A JoyRide class requires mental fortitude to push past limits and out of comfort zones. Similarly, tennis demands the ability to maintain focus and clear mental distractions for optimal performance. An added benefit to the physical gains is the opportunity to practice maintaining singular mental focus during your rides.  In a world that frequently requires us to multi-task without really living in the moment, a JoyRide can offer a moving meditation that forces us to focus on our abilities in the here and now — and to ride completely in the moment. 

Cardiovascular training on the bike can help tennis players increase their foot speed to chase down balls on the court with a quicker recovery time, as well as improved endurance to maintain energy and mental focus through a long and physical match.

Regardless of your fitness level or tennis playing abilities, JoyRide classes are designed to support and accommodate athletes of every level.  It’s a win-win situation!