National Relaxation Day, How Do You Unwind?

n honor of National Relaxation Day, we asked your favorite JoyRide instructors how do you unwind? Shutting down your phone? A hot cup of tea? Read below and don't forget to take some time to relax today!


Selina Santos: In my hammock, eyes closed, disabled wifi, Bach's Air on G String playing on my headphones.

Nicole Connors: Sitting on the couch with my husband and my favorite blanket watching a movie.

Anna Zap: Candy Crush takes away all my stress... and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that.

Mackenzie Pretty: At the beach with a great book!

Tricia Buffardi: A chair in the sand at the beach.

Armond Jordan: You can catch me getting a manicure and massage every two weeks to unwind after #Armonday. Location undisclosed ;)

Anne Stauff: Concerts at the Ridgefield Playhouse! Always a great time & a good reminder: life should be fun!