Love At First JoyRide

Valentine’s Day has long been designated as the day we tell our significant others and families we love them  - but Adam Keller, a JoyRide instructor, took it one step further. What a better way to share his feelings about fellow JoyRide instructor and boyfriend, Jared Marinelli, than a top-secret, choreographed, flash mob, indoor cycling class proposal?


The video has exploded on the Internet and has created a sensation of support around the world., a “Only Good News” digital brand, which produced the video, posted it Wednesday at 11 a.m., and within 48 hours it hit 3 million page views – and counting. The amount of support that Jared and Adam have received from strangers around the world has been staggering.

“We are completely blown away,” said Marinelli.  “We’re overwhelmed by the amount of love and support!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that so many people would be affected by our story. I only hope our love story can inspire and bring strength to someone else.”

They have received messages from people in Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Denmark and the Philippines – and were especially touched by the message from a young man who lives here in the United States, where it is now legal for same-sex couples to marry, who didn’t feel accepted. He saw their family and friends cheering for them in the video, and he emailed to say he wished he had that kind of support. 

“Kids in our own country who don’t have the love and support see our message and are inspired and hope for change,” said Keller.  “We hope this video of our proposal and our supportive community creates a ripple effect.”

After three rehearsals to practice the choreography, sequence of events and key friends’ and family members’ roles, and a production company to film the meaningful moment, the day finally came. Jared thought he and fellow instructors were at JoyRide to film a promotional video, but instead it was the perfect backdrop for Adam to gather their friends to participate in his surprise proposal. The video shoot began, but instead of Jared teaching a song from the instructor bike, the whole room started their own routine. Friends and family entered the cycling studio with signs, and then Adam got off his indoor cycling bike and popped the question.  When Jared said yes, cannons sprayed confetti from the back row of the cycling room and their friends, family and fellow instructors erupted in cheers.  

Adam and Jared, now known as “Team Jadam,” first met when Adam arrived at JoyRide’s Ridgefield studio, looking for an instructor job, last March. Jared was originally tasked with training Adam, and they instantly connected. They admit they both had crushes on one another from the moment they met, and everyone who witnessed the two of them together, agreed there was instant chemistry. A week into training, they had their first official date, and the rest is history. As Adam likes to say, “It was love at first JoyRide! 

Jared says Adam helps him focus on what’s important: “He helps me be more organized and motivated in every way. I am now actively trying to plan for our future, now that we’re a family and are going to grow together.” But do they take each other’s JoyRide classes? Jared claims Adam is his favorite JoyRide instructor! 

#TeamJadam is now planning their spring or fall 2017 JOYWedding in Connecticut.