JOYX Westport FAQ

What is JoyX?

JoyX is both the name of our new studio AND its signature class. The JoyX signature class is a high-intensity, total-body workout that combines strength and cardio using rowing machines, boxing bags and bodyweight movements designed to push boundaries in a darkened room with loud, motivating music.


What does my spot number assignment mean?

When you book a spot in a JoyX class, numbers 1 through 12 will start on the boxing bags. Spots numbers 13 through 24 will start on the water rowers. Where you are in the room will be first come, first served. When you switch during class, simply find an open bag or rower.

What if I'm using JoyX's rental boxing gloves?

We have 24 boxing gloves available to rent. If you use our rental gloves, at the end of class please place them either in front of your rower or under your bag for the JoyDesk.

What if I only want to row / only want to box?

We offer JoyRow and JoyBox classes that will be 50 minutes of rowing / boxing rather than the JoyX class, where you use both rowing and boxing.

What is the difference between JoyX / XX / JoyRow / JoyBox?


Designed to free one’s inner athlete and push boundaries, JoyRide’s new signature class is a full-body, high-intensity hybrid workout that incorporates rowing machines, boxing bags and bodyweight exercises. Set in a darkened studio with loud, motivating music, this group training class will focus on strength, cardio and agility for optimal results and immense JOY. While intense, this class is designed for all fitness levels. 


Led by Mixed Martial Arts and boxing expert Flow Trandu and trainer Andy Berman, this boot camp-style class is a high-intensity, high-energy, interval-based workout that mixes up MMA training, boxing, kickboxing, rowing and bodyweight exercises. This non-stop, constantly changing workout is designed to burn fat, build muscle and improve endurance, strength and flexibility for optimal results.  Modifications can be made for any exercise. 


A 50-minute, high-intensity workout focused solely on the elements of boxing, combined with bodyweight exercises. This group training class will focus on strength, cardio and agility in a darkened room with loud, motivating music. This class is designed for all fitness levels. Everyone is a fighter! Believe in your champion! Boxing gloves available. 


A 50-minute, high-intensity workout focused solely on rowing, combined with bodyweight exercises. This non-impact group training class builds lower body, core and upper body strength combined with intense cardio and agility exercises in a darkened room with loud, motivating music. The workout is for yourself,  but you become part of an amazing team simulating drills that will lead to victories and championships! This class is designed for all fitness levels. 

What if I’m new / I’ve never boxed or rowed before. Can I take JoyX classes?

Don’t fret! In each class, our instructors will demonstrate proper form and technique for the most efficient workout. However, if you have never rowed before, we suggest taking a JoyRow class (or two!) FIRST (before JoyX) and if you have never boxed before, we suggest taking a JoyBox class (or two!) first. All fitness levels are welcome.

Will JoyCircuit be put on the JoyX schedule?

As of right now, JoyCircuit will stay downstairs in Studio 2. Down the road, we may decide to move it upstairs.

Do I need my own boxing gloves? Do I wear anything under my boxing gloves?

You are welcome to bring your own boxing gloves if you’d like. However, we have 24 loaner gloves available. You must purchase wraps for your hands (available for purchase at JoyX).

What do I bring with me?

Bring sneakers, water, boxing wraps (also available for purchase at JoyX) and a JOYful attitude! We will provide towels. If you would like to bring your own boxing gloves, you may. However, we have 24 loaner boxing gloves available.

What package can I buy that is valid for JoyX?

You can use your existing JoyRide class packs at JoyX. That is, you will need to either have or purchase a JoyRide class package (5-, 10-, 20- , 50-pack or a Joy50 with 2-day advanced booking) to sign up. These are the same price / class packages you currently use to book cycling or Studio 2 classes. Please note: unlimited packages will not be valid for booking JoyX signature classes, boxing classes or rowing classes. These class packages grant you access to ALL JoyRide & JoyX classes at all four CT locations.

Does JoyX have its own showers / locker rooms?

Yes, JoyX has its own men’s and women’s locker rooms with full bathrooms and two showers in each.

When can I book my JoyX classes?

The booking period for JoyX classes are the exact same as JoyRide Cycling + Fitness. The schedule through the following Monday will be available for booking Sundays at 8 a.m.

Where is the JoyX entrance?

You will need to use the front entrance (before JoyRide Westport), past Kaia Yoga to enter JoyX. The staircase located in the back of JoyRide Westport is a fire / emergency exit only and cannot be used.

How can I book a Personal Training session at JoyX?

The JoyX studio has a separate room available for one-on-one or small group personal training sessions. In order to book one of these sessions, please email