JOYX: It Does a Body and Brain Good

We all know that JoyX is good for your body, but, did you know that it’s also good for your brain?

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Researchers have known for decades that exercise is good for the brain and has positive effects on its function. More importantly, however, according to the Journal of BMC Geriatrics, is the combination of aerobic exercise with activities that require coordination.

At JoyX, the instructors work super hard to design classes with these exercise combinations. They mix routines that both raise your heart rate – yielding a cardiovascular training effect – and ones that make you think. Remembering the sequences and patterns of boxing, BOSU, and circuit routines in the JoyX classes force you to use the coordination and memory centers of your brain, strengthening them and essentially making you smarter.

Here’s how exercise at JoyX can make you smarter:

1. Neuromuscular training and nerve recruitment: Nearly every move that you make is controlled by your brain. Aerobic activity engages and requires coordination on a quick scale in large parts of your body. In high-intensity exercise classes such as those at JoyX, the brain is responsible for not only the movements of your limbs and your core, but for remembering sequences of the routines and regulating your breathing and an increased heart rate. All of this activity in the brain triggers neurogenesis, which is the creation of new nerve cells, in the hippocampus. This area of your brain is responsible for memory which is exactly why, according to the research, aerobic activity and coordination create improved memory.  

2. Oxygen and blood: During the high-intensity JoyX classes, your brain gets heavy doses of increased blood flow and oxygen. When this happens, your brain recognizes the need for more bandwidth in the blood system and more capillaries will form over time. This, in turn, increases the overall blood flow to your brain. This blood flow brings a protein called BDNF, which stimulates the growth of new brain tissue and makes existing brain tissue stronger.  

3. Hormones: Did you know that stress over a long period of time can lead to degenerative neurologic issues? Enter JoyX. Aerobic activity, like that performed at JoyX, causes your brain to release endorphins, which are hormones that can help reduce stress. Increasing your endorphin levels can not only help reduce stress levels, but may also preserve normal brain function over a longer period of time.

Trainer and JoyX instructor Armond Jordan explains that the complex routines and exercise circuits at JoyX challenge the participant in physical and cognitive ways. “There is no way you can exercise hard here and not have to think about what you are doing,” he says. “The thinking part makes the overall results better! When you have to think hard about something you get a lot more out of it and you get better at it.”

Working hard in Joy X classes will challenge your cardiovascular endurance and your coordination both in your upper and lower extremities. According to research out of the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, and the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, this will help to:

1. Enhance emory

2. Enhance productivity

3. Enhance general brain function and increases new brain tissue growth

4. Repair damaged brain cells

5. Increase the retention of new information and helps you react better to complex situations.

As JoyX instructor and MMA expert Flow Trandu says, “The harder you train inside the gym, the easier life gets outside the gym.”

Bottom line: Your body AND brain will thank you. Now that’s a win, win!

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Written by Dori Nissenson