Jaime Falco And Her Music

Where do I begin?! Music is a huge, constant part of my life. Not just inside the studio, but all day, every day.


Before I became a JoyRide instructor, I danced for close to 18 years and was exposed to so many genres of music from a very early age. I learned how powerful music can be and learned its unique ability to affect people on so many levels. At JoyRide, music is what pushes riders to work harder while also making an emotional connection to that physical work. 

Music is the element that can take an average ride to another level, and I take that seriously! My playlists are my "babies". Music is the heartbeat of my classes and I know how important it is for riders to feel that connection between their bodies and what's playing through the speakers. Each playlist is different and the source of inspiration can vary from day to day. A lot of it depends on my mood! Sometimes I'll throw in a specific song if I know I have a rider in my class who loves that artist (ie: Ying Yang Twins and Dave Noorily!). If you've ever taken a class with me, you know I love my rap and hip-hop. Anything with a really powerful beat, combined with strong and meaningful lyrics. I am a huge fan of Kanye, Yelawolf, Jay-Z, Macklemore, and (of course) Drake. On the other side of the spectrum, I have more Mumford & Sons remixes than I can count. I won't play a song in my class unless I feel truly motivated and inspired by it; and when that translates to my riders, it's pure gold. I want riders to feel empowered and strong through the music I play. 

I also really enjoy exposing our riders to new artists and incorporating genres they wouldn't typically hear. I'm constantly on the hunt for new music and love sharing it at JoyRide. If you ride with me, never hesitate to ask for a song or the playlist! 

Check out what Jaime is listening to on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/jaimefalco