Introducing JoyRide's New Stages Bikes

Our brand new, customized Stages bikes have arrived at select studios!


Stages Cycling is at the forefront of indoor cycling breakthroughs – even recruiting one of the original engineers of the first ever indoor cycling bike to come on board to create what you see in the studio today: an extremely durable, silky smooth-riding, sleek, all-black indoor cycling bike. Read below to learn the key features of new bikes and why we made the switch for your upgraded JoyRide.

Exclusive Feature: Sprint Shift

Stages new sprint shift feature is what we like to call the “super gear”! The days of being in class, climbing a heavy hill and adding two full turns to the right are OVER! You can find the sprint shift at the top of your resistance knob. This metal lever automatically increases your resistance 1.5 turns per click to the right.

New & Improved Adjustments

The handlebars are one of the greater improvements on the new Stages bikes. The grips and grooves, the positioning and the angle of the front of the handlebars are all designed for improved posture and spine alignment. The Stages “FitLoc” levers to increase the seat and handlebar height is much more secure, allowing for quick, simple height adjustments. As a whole, the bikes and their adjustments are more solid, sturdy and ergonomically engineered with a focus on stability.


The bike’s brand new belt drive with a magnetic resistance and a carbon belt drivetrain is designed to guarantee a more consistent and smooth ride throughout the class. Have you ever added a full turn of resistance on your flywheel and not noticed a large change? Then in class the following day, on a different bike, a full turn of resistance feels like a drastic change? On these new bikes, the resistance knob is more consistent, meaning it will be much easier for riders to ensure they have the correct road underneath them.

Questions? Ask Us!

You may notice that your bike setup settings and resistance vary from our old bikes. Keep in mind: the bike may be slightly different and the resistance knob is less sensitive, but our JoyRide scale of perceived exertion is just like it always has been! If you have any questions or need help with bike setup, just visit our front desk or ask your instructor! We’re happy to help. For even more details on the Stages SC2 bike, click here to visit their website.


EnJOY the new and improved ride!