Top 6 TIPS To Combat Your Post-Workout Soreness

We know the feeling – you just worked up the courage to try a new class, brand new to your body, and you’re feeling great, that is until the soreness hits the next morning! Where do you go from here? We asked a cycle, a circuit and a POUND instructor what their advice would be to our JOYful riders who are feeling the effects of a new workout the next day. Read what they advise below!


David Reyes (Circuit & Cycle):

1. Drink Water

First and foremost, water is king. It's very important that we all stay hydrated, especially when experiencing sore muscles. 

2. Proper Nutrition

Stock up on the fruits and vegetables; keep the protein high and fats under control.

3. Come Back!

When you're feeling better, come back and try it again as it will increase the endurance of the muscles!

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Sami Ginzberg (POUND): The day after POUND will likely include some muscle soreness, particularly in the legs, core, and hip flexors.

4. Keep Moving

My biggest recommendation is to keep yourself moving, but keep it light. Try taking a walk outside or do a plank series to get your body warm!

5. Stretch It Out!

Stretch everything out. Catch a yoga or Pilates class if you can! 

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Nicci Chalker (Cycle):

6. Weight Training

Spinning is perfect for heart healthy cardio so take advantage of the next day to get in that super important resistance training! This doesn't have to be heavy weights, it can be done by simply using your own body weight such as lunges, push-ups, seated dips, etc., any kind of pull/push resistance will do a body good (check out a studio 2 class if you need an extra push to get this done)! Then get back in the saddle the next day!

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