How Indoor Cycling Will Improve Your Performance On The Road

First and foremost: indoor and outdoor cycling are two different beasts! When you start training for an outdoor ride, any cyclist will need to ride outdoors in a real world environment. But, a great way to supplement your training is with Cycle classes at JoyRide.

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Bonus! If it’s raining or snowing outside, you get to recreate that same pack mentality with the energy of an indoor cycling class.

So, why should you also be riding inside? Find out my four reasons below:

1. JoyRide Classes Mimic the Structure of an Outdoor Ride

In our classes, we work with structured cadence that mimic the same safe and effective metrics you would use when riding on the road. We do this through the use of BPMs (beats per minute) when choosing songs for our classes. By matching our speed with our BPM, we simulate the RPM (revolutions per minute) metric on an outdoor road bike. For example, many professional cyclists will climb a steady hill at a solid rate of 96 RPMs. It so happens that 96 BPMs is a common cadence in the studio.

How it Helps Outside: By following the instructor and matching your pedal stroke with them, you are practicing endurance, stamina and discipline just as you would outside.

2. You Improve Your VO2 Max

When following the instructor and matching the cadence you are also working on your VO2 max. This is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense exercise or maximum exertion.

How it Helps Outside: This will help any road cyclist or athlete to maintain a sustained exercise for even longer. And again, if it is raining / snowing, nothing beats the ability to recreate that same physical exertion with an indoor class!

3. You’re Working the Same Muscles!

We are using all of the same muscles inside as a cyclist would on a road bike. By clipping into the pedals, riders maximize even more on the use of the entire rotation.

How it Helps Outside: You’re engaging the hamstrings, glutes and the entire posterior chain of the leg on the up-stroke, strengthening these muscles for your outdoor ride.

4. You Improve Your Overall Performance

When you follow The JoyRide Method taught by the instructor and keep in mind the differences between riding inside and outside, road cyclists can absolutely enjoy the benefits of a good spin class, while also improving your overall performance!

Whether you’re training for your next race or not, catch Jared (indoors) at JoyRide Monday through Friday!

Written by Jared Marinelli