Food For Fuel

As 2016 begins and everyone begins their conquest to implement their New Years Resolutions, it is of the upmost importance that we refuel after every workout - including your daily dose of JOY! Read below what our rockstar instructors eat after their workouts to refuel, recharge and regroup!


Instructor Name: Tracy Trubovich

Go-To Refuel Food: Protein Shake and a Z Bar with Peanut Butter

"I eat these foods because the body needs a mix of protein and carbs with every meal! I like to keep myself well balanced diet - oh and don't forget the massive cup of coffee! J”

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Instructor Name: Alexa Steele

Go-To Refuel Food: Vanilla Strawberry Banana Protein Shake

“I love chocolate and vanilla protein shakes. They are so satisfying after class. They have tons of nutrients. If I’m not drinking a shake, I usually keep bags of pre-portioned nuts in my spin bag, a tip I got from Mackenzie, for after class!”

Vanilla Strawberry Banana Protein Shake

One scoop vanilla shake mix

2/3 cup unsweetened Almond milk

One small banana

Handful small frozen strawberries


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Instructor Name: Meagen O’Connell

Go-To Refuel Food: A 2oz shot of Wheatgrass and a Strawberry Temple Smoothie with whey protein and peanut butter added from Robeks, Fairfield and Westport, CT OR Avocado Toast with Feta and a Turkish Latte from The Granola Bar, Westport, CT.

“My choice all depends on which way I turn on the Post Road...right is for Robeks and left is The Granola Bar!”

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Instructor Name: Dana Klion

Go-To Refuel Food: An Omelette with Avocado and Toast

"It's the fastest/easiest thing to make and replenishes your bod after a tough workout!"

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Instructor Name: Selina Santos

Go-To Refuel Food: Hard Boiled Egg and a Whole Grain English Muffin with just a dab of ghee or avocado or a Banana

“Avocados and bananas are key for me in monitoring my blood pressure. They are high in antioxidants and in potassium, which are essential to maintaining a healthy heart. So when my heart rate rises in class, my heart is nice and strong to power through!”

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Instructor Name: Mackenzie Pretty

Go-To Refuel Food: Anything Spiralized!

"I really believe that I am only as strong as what I refuel my body with, so lean protein and an insane amount of veggies really helps keep me on my game. Raw zucchini is a great source of magnesium and potassium which helps muscle contraction and strengthen bones."

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