FOIC (Fear Of Indoor Cycling) Syndrome

Do shows like Hollywood Cycle, or reviews like: “You’re going to die; that was the hardest hour of my life” have you (or a friend, family member, colleague) incredibly intimidated to make the leap of faith into an indoor cycling studio? “Fear of Indoor Cycling”, or FOIC as we like to call it, is more common than you’d think. 

While many people like the idea of changing up their workout and seeing new results, some are purely panic-stricken about the thought of taking a ride in a dark room with a challenging and motivating instructor for many reasons. There are several indoor cycling myths that accompany their affliction (FOIC), so let’s debunk these myths one by one.

Myth #1: The instructor will yell at me if I don’t go as fast as everyone in the class.

Reality #1: You can go at whatever pace makes you feel comfortable – although we guarantee that five minutes into your JoyRide, you’ll be pushing yourself past thresholds you never even knew you were capable of!

Myth #2: I won’t know what to do or know the indoor cycling “terms” that everyone else knows.

Reality #2: At the beginning of every JoyRide, the instructors introduce themselves to all newcomers! Before class begins, the instructor will explain indoor cycling terminology and how the class works. You’ll have the same knowledge of what to do as everyone else in the room! See our JoyRide 101 videos here:

Myth #3: I’m too out of shape to do that intense of a workout.

Reality #3: People of all different fitness levels can take a JoyRide! YOU are in control of your pace and resistance – no one else! JoyRide is a judgment-free zone where you are encouraged to listen to your body. If it’s too intense – slow it down! And when in doubt, remember every JoyRide takes place in a dark room, with a fun workout set to loud music, where no one can see you or hear your heavy breathing!

Myth #4: Indoor cycling studios are exclusive and I won’t feel comfortable as a newcomer.

Reality #4: At JoyRide, ANYONE and EVERYONE are welcome! We have riders from age 13 to age 82, different genders, different fitness backgrounds. When you walk through the doors, you will be greeted with JOY – no matter if this is your first indoor cycling class or your 1,000th!

Myth #5: It’s a boring and ineffective workout; you can’t have fun and get great exercise when you’re limited to a bike.

Reality #5: In one quick, 50-minute JoyRide, you can burn between 500 and 800 calories while working muscles you didn’t know you had. Your efficient workout is set to heart-pumping, popular music and form-focused combinations to ensure that you get the best possible exercise. Every ride is a party on the bike and the JOY doesn’t just last inside the studio – it stays with you all day long!