Taking your first indoor cycling class at JoyRide? First time? Nervous? NO, you've been nervous lots of times (right?)! Well, be nervous no more. Let's break it down for you.


1. Taking your first ride: The beauty of indoor cycling classes is that you can go at your own pace. While potentially deadly, I mean intense, the pace of an indoor cycling class is set and controlled by the participant. Resistance level and speed are up to you. Take breaks and rest when you need to. In addition, the room is dark and while you may feel self-conscious your first time, trust me on this ... everyone is working on their own personal best, and they aren't watching you! Do your thing to the best of your ability and you will conquer and improve as you go. Promise.

2. What to expect: Slow torture, pain, and oxygen deprivation. [OH, I am so kidding!] What you will get:  a) friendly and charismatic instructors b) 50-minute class (except on weekends when we kick it up to 60 minutes) c) rocking music with a variety of tempos and genres, d) upper-body arm work (2- and 4-pound weights), and e) motivation from your instructor and the group energy of the class. There's nothing better! Come with sneakers or cycling shoes, leggings or shorts. We provide towels and water.

3. Real deal first timers: I'll be straight up here. The saddle (seat on bike) takes some getting used to. As an instructor, riders share personal concerns about being in a saddle that frankly, all I can say is, "Stick with it, stay in the saddle, and don't let your first time dictate whether you will be back!" The discomfort will diminish after your first few classes.  Oh, and we have seat pads. 

Bottom line: Come JOYn us for a JoyRide and discover your inner athlete!