Finding The Joy In Yoga

We have all read about the importance of cross-training so you can keep growing stronger! We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with our JoyRidge neighbor, Buddhi Yoga. Beyond our studios’ proximity, yoga and cycling perfectly complement one another. Co-founder and Lead Instructor Rhodie Lorenz and Wendy Boscia, Director and Instructor at Buddhi Yoga, share why this is the case!


How long have you been practicing your respective exercises?

Rhodie Lorenz: I have been practicing indoor cycling for 18 years and instructing for 14. 

Wendy Boscia: Having been a runner since high school, I began to add Yoga to my routine in college, but began seriously practicing about 15 years ago and teaching for 6.

How does yoga specifically complement indoor cycling and vice versa?

R: Yoga complements indoor cycling in several ways, including additional focus on the breath and lengthening of the muscles. Cycling is a great cardio activity to strengthen muscles, but a well rounded fitness program needs three things:

1. Strength

2. Cardio

3. Felixibility

Indoor cycling provides the first two and yoga offers the final element.

W: They work so well together. I also taught spin for many years and its a great work out, yoga in addition to building core strength and full body conditioning, is a "work in". It teaches you to focus within and really connect with your body, inside and out. 

Any tips for riders looking to take up yoga?

R: Be patient! Cyclists are used to movement and getting breathless. Yoga is a different discipline, but both require mind/body training. 

W: The hardest part is stepping on to your mat for the first time and letting go of any expectations. You learn to follow your breath as a guide; Some days it leads you closer to your edge and sometimes it draws you back, that can be the harder then any pose.

Any tips for yogis looking to take up riding?

R: Go at your own pace. It takes time to build up cardio and muscular endurance. 

W: Go for it! Get your buddhi on a bike!

Regardless of your exercise of choice, remember to maintain balance, mix it up or try something new. Like we always say, outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

A JOYful namaste.