Faces of Joy: a Guest Blog Post by Dianna Cutler

How Early Morning JoyRide Classes With Mackenzie and Meagen May Have Saved my Life

A guest blog post by Westport JoyRider, Dianna Cutler

Dianna Cutler

After years of being ‘in shape’ running marathons and training for other events, my body became too injury riddled. A friend one morning dragged me to JoyRide. My first class was with Mo. I was instantly hooked! The music, the positive reflections…the silence in the dark…. It was like meditating and working-out all rolled in one. Why had I not done this sooner?

After a few years at JoyRide as an addict, I found my groove with Meagan and Mackenzie (two of my favorite instructors!) at 6:00 a.m. It was during some of the early morning Meagan classes that I felt ‘off.’ At first it was subtle. I was a little off in first position (in the saddle), a little dizzy after doing jumps and then abnormally breathless. It lasted for only a few moments and then passed. It was so subtle that I would have dismissed it, had I not been in such a mindful state. 

During those quieter intervals Meagan carved out in class (where busy people listened to their breath and monitored their bodies), I began to pay attention to how I was feeling. After a few months, I decided in order to spin properly, I should have those symptoms looked at by a doctor.

After a long journey and many doctors who said I was fine, I was eventually diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in June of 2016. Had it not been for those quiet moments of peace during those early JoyRide classes, I would NEVER have noticed that very subtle changes that were happening to me. Had I waited for the louder changes, it is highly probably that I would have had a very different outcome.

There were many factors that contributed to my diagnosis and ultimate treatment and now ‘back to normal’ life. The very first step was JoyRide and the circumspection of learning to be in the ‘moment’. I was taught how to listen to my body and be attentive to my thoughts, which certainly changed my life. Before JoyRide, there were few quiet moments and even less really mindful ones. 

Thank you JoyRide for the positivity, the smiles, the amazing music and the dark room moments of just being aware of your myself.  Truly it saved a life. Meagan is missed by me. I have gone onto other times of days and met new teachers, but I will forever be grateful to JoyRide for letting me continue with the Joy in my life (my family).