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Three Things you Didn’t Know About me — Instructor Miguel Rosa

This rockstar new instructor is not only a hero to JoyRide — he is a hero to our country.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it is only fitting that we highlight this strong, yet humble human. He shares three things about himself, including some personal moments serving with the Connecticut Army National Guard in Afghanistan.

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Jaime Falco's Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey + Birthday Letter to JoyRide

As many of you know, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis: a chronic autoimmune disorder that primarily affects the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is different than osteoarthritis (wear and tear); it is your immune system attacking your bones and joints. I was diagnosed just after Halloween in 1993, when I was three years old. I've now had RA for over 21 years…

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A Day In The Life: Nicole Meredith

As fall begins, we can all understand what it’s like to get back into a crazy routine. There’s rarely a day JoyRide instructor Nicole Meredith isn’t on the go. Whether she’s teaching JoyRide Cycle classes or dancing at Zumba class, Nicole is a ball of energy who keeps moving all day long!

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Armond And Mackenzie's Road To Nike!

Every Monday at 6:34 p.m., a collective group of trainees gather in Nike stores nationwide to take a challenging boot camp: Nike Training Club (NTC). NTC is a body weight conditioning class that improves your strength and cardio fitness.  Every week athletes from all over Connecticut come together at the Nike Running Store in Westport to squat, jump, run and burpee their way to stronger versions of themselves. Nike Trainer Ambassadors are chosen in each state, and JoyRide is lucky enough to see two out of three Connecticut Nike trainers leading our classes every week.

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