Anxiety About Getting Back Into Your Workout Routine?

Summer is a time for rest, barbeques and FUN! So maybe it's been a few days, or a week or two, (or more!) since you last exercised? Have no fear! You’re not the only one that has fallen out of your routine. 


Because we are all human, and we have all taken periods of exercise reprieve (yes, even our instructors!), due to vacation, injury or illness, we wanted to share some of our instructors' tips for jumping back into your fitness routine after a break. 

Alison Vitolo: Go slow and complement your classes with Studio 2

  • If you have taken a break, then ease back into indoor cycling with caution. Know your body! Always complement cycle with a Studio 2 Pilates, sculpt or circuit class. It will ultimately make you stronger on the bike.

Dina Fay: Book your rides early and go with a friend

  • Book your ride on Sunday morning (our schedule goes live at 8 a.m.) so you make yourself accountable that week and it's in your schedule. We’re firm believers in the buddy system so plan to workout with a buddy or group of friends!

Stephanie ConnorUse the dark room to your advantage

  • One of the (many) great things about JoyRide is that the room is dark! The dark room allows everyone to get in their own zone and focus on themselves. Whether it's your first ride or you're a seasoned pro, everyone can be in be same room and get an amazing workout. It's not about competing, it's about focusing on your own goals and finishing the class together!

Meagen O’Connell: Make it social

  • Find a friend to sign up with you and then have coffee or a smoothie afterwards! Make it a social event so you look forward to the class and the after class part. It's fun to have a reward for yourself if you meet your goal, such as a Shrek Smoothie or Avocado Toast from the Granola Bar, a pedicure, time on the beach - something that makes it worthwhile to you.

Mackenzie Pretty: Set your goals early

  • Taking a break for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or even a few short summer months is not the end of the world and you are not in as bad position as you may think! Your muscle memory will kick in and all of the hard work you put in before the summer is still going to pay off. Muscle memory is your body's ability to activate the muscle fibers quickly due to having done it so many times in the past. Your body will remember where it was just a few short days/weeks/months ago making it easier to get back there. First, set your fitness goal! Whether or not it is a number on the scale or training for the upcoming turkey trot in November, having a goal will help you stay committed. Everybody loves a comeback story and nobody deserves it more than you!

Regardless of what advice you follow or what it takes to get back to a routine, "just do it." Your body and your mind will thank you. And when you do, we will be here with an open door, big smiles, and a JOYful, yet challenging workout for you. We are in it together!