Advantages Of JoyRide's New Hand Weights

We’ve traded in the body bars for new hand weights for those treasured six minutes of armwork at the end of every cycle class.  Here’s why:


More targeted muscle groups
Hand weights offer greater range of motion, therefore targeting more muscle groups in the shoulder, upper back, chest, biceps and triceps. Greater range of motion is beneficial to balance out the body and not overdevelop certain groups (such as anterior deltoid), while under developing others (posterior deltoid).

Variety of exercises
Instructors can also offer a greater variety of exercises that emphasize an increased range of motion, a better ability to isolate particular muscle groups with single arm control, and a greater ability for modifications if you have an injury or restriction.  (And don’t forget: Armwork is optional!) 

You’ll find two-pound weights on each bike, but JoyRide also offers one- or three-pound weights. 

Key tips during armwork:

  • Add enough ?resistance on the flywheel to keep your heart rate up? during armwork. 

  • Pay attention to your form: Draw your abdominals in and up and lengthen your spine to establish stability, ensuring a safe workout.

  • If you start to slump or lose your posture due to fatigue, take a break and resume when you have recovered enough to perform the exercise correctly. Form trumps intensity!

While armwork may signal the end of class for many riders, it’s a key element of your full-body JoyRide class.  As always, please talk to your instructor before or after class if you have a question about proper form or modifications.