A Letter From The JoyRide Founders - Happy 5 Years Of Joy!

When we opened JoyRide Westport five years ago, we had high hopes and a lot of nerves. What if no one comes? What if we can’t do this? But we channeled our inner Kevin Costner and reminded ourselves: “if you build it, they will come.” We crossed our fingers, held our breath and jumped.


Well, you guys came. 20,000 of you. And you rode with us through many different seasons. Now, five years later, we have four locations in Connecticut, two licensed studios in San Antonio, Texas and over 500,000 rides served.
Our philosophy at JoyRide is to create an inclusive and joyful community where riders can unleash potential and build strength on the bike and on the mat to build confidence and resilience in their lives beyond the studio. We are grateful for the amazing positive energy riders and staff bring every day. One ride at a time, we have come a long way together!
Gratitude doesn’t come close to describing how we feel. We are awestruck. JoyRiders are strong, positive and FUN. We work hard and support one another in good times (um, engagement flash mob anyone?!) and bad (together we’ve raised over $500,000 for various charities). Our instructors and staff are the most dedicated, authentic, inspiring, talented and kind people on the planet. We are thankful and humbled. While building the JoyRide business has been exciting, building the JoyFamily has been the gift of a lifetime. We try our best every day to make our customers happy and we truly appreciate the patience, love and support from the JoyCommunity. It is everything.
So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You will never know how much you all mean to us. But in JoyRide terms, we’re at a level 10 and 100%.
With BigJOY,
Amy, Rhodie & Deb