A Joyful Vacation Workout

Going on vacation this week? Don't leave your JOY at home! See how JoyRide instructors Mackenzie Pretty & Meagen O'Connell get in their daily sweat while away on vacation below!


Mackenzie Pretty: The Nike+ Training Club App

When I am on vacation, it is actually a nice treat to take a vacation from the bike! It's also really nice to take a break from prepping classes, playlists and being the one in charge of the workout. That's why I am obsessed with the Nike+ Training Club App. It guarantees a good workout AND more importantly allows me to not have to plan anything. The app walks you through a variety of workouts at all different levels, with or without equipment, from 5 minutes long to 60 minutes long. And let's be honest ... when I am on vacation those 5 minute workouts are really appealing :)

Meagen O’Connell: Tabata

When I go away on vacation, I want to enJOY my daily dose of sweat - but I also want it to be short and sweet. The goal is to maximize my time. What is the best way to do that, should you ask? TABATA. 

You can do Tabata on pretty much any type of exercise equipment, or you can simply throw on your sneakers and hit the pavement. If you’re staying at a hotel that has an elliptical machine and treadmill, you’re all set. Hit the elliptical for four rounds of Tabata, with a one-minute recovery between each set. Just like we do on the bike at JoyRide, add resistance during each round. Play around with the incline as well. You can do the same on the treadmill - four rounds of Tabata with a one-minute recovery between each set and vary your incline and resistance. 

Remember, the key to Tabata is an all out push for 20 seconds, so bump that speed up on the treadmill or get those legs pumping as fast as you can on the elliptical. All out needs to be all out! Sometimes we don't have equipment available, but guess what? Tabata works for just about anything. You can use Tabata while doing jumps, squats, burpee's, push up's, etc. If you're out on a run, incorporate a round or two of Tabata into your run, adding that extra intensity and an extra push.

Eight rounds of Tabata equals a 20 minute cardio workout. Add in some abs and stretching and you can be done in 30 minutes. Bam, a perfect vacation workout!