The NEW JoyX! Our Studio 2s are now JoyX!


We are proud to have the reputation of being a warm, community-based studio, fueled by positivity, inclusivity and a whole lotta JOY. Another source of pride is our incredible team that includes the most talented, dedicated, and experienced trainers in the industry. We are so lucky to have these true athletes, coaches and motivational forces!

Indoor cycling has always been our main focus. However, since day one, we've offered some off-the bike classes in a few locations to provide a more well-rounded fitness program for our customers. We've called this offering "Studio 2," and it's included classes such as JoyCircuit and MatPilates. Currently, it's in our Westport, Wilton, Darien and Alon (San Antonio) locations.

Studio 2, which started as a side hustle, has turned into so much more. We've seen incredible strength built over the past 8+ years in Studio 2, and the diversity and popularity of our off-the-bike classes has soared. This became most evident over the past 2.5 years, when our trainers created a new studio full of incredible off-the-bike workouts called JoyX in Westport.

JoyX was an amazing workout destination that allowed us to grow, create, and challenge ourselves to reach new heights through amazing class formats, such as boxing and rowing. Although that studio is closed, we want to honor the strength of our off-the-bike programming and and highlight the grit and determination that we created in JoyX.

Therefore, effective today, JoyRide will rebrand ALL Studio 2 rooms as JoyX. This will help us better showcase our non-cycling workouts because, as we always say, there are three key components to a well-rounded fitness routine: cardio, strength and flexibility. You can get all of your fitness needs met in one community boutique setting. JoyRide + JoyX = One-Stop-JOY!

For the majority of you, nothing will change, other than the addition of a few more fabulous Circuit, Pilates or Sculpt style classes to your studio’s schedule. In Westport, we're still working on plans to enlarge our new JoyX studio downstairs to allow for more class styles and formats, in addition to our already popular JoyAthlete, JoySculpt, JoyBarre and Bosu and Mat Pilates. Stay tuned!

We look forward to continuing to bring you the most effective and JOYful workouts on the planet.