Rhodie Lorenz & David Reyes: Staying Active While on Vacation

Are you planning vacation time this summer? If yes, where?
: I love to travel! I love getting out of my routine, meeting new people, and reminding myself that there are many ways to live life and many different places to do it. In July, I went to Nairobi, Kenya on a service trip with my sons and a few JoyRide instructors as part of a larger group. In August, I will be spending time with my extended families on the Delaware shore and on Cape Cod.

David: I am currently on vacation in San Diego, California!

You are incredibly busy fitness professionals with jam-packed schedules. Do you find it hard to hit “pause”?
: I do find hitting the pause button to be a challenge. In addition to my teaching schedule, I am also one of the managers of JoyRide studios and have three sons, a husband and a dog. There is always more to be done in 24 hours, for work, for my family, for my home, for my friends, for myself, but I try to give whatever I am engaging with my best effort and start fresh the next day. I try to carve out time during my weekends to catch up with friends and create some downtime, and I love breaking my routine with a weekend away to recharge.

David: Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It’s very difficult in the sense that having such a filled schedule requires you to be in such a “go mode” mindset that when the time arises for you to hit pause - physically and mentally you are almost slightly incapable. But it’s always important to get rest and hit pause because I feel like it not only gives you the mental and physical capacity to be even MORE in “go mode” but it also helps keep it fresh and give it a genuine feel.

Do you stay active while on vacation?
: During the first few days I usually take a break from fitness, but after I have settled into my new routine, I usually like to mix up my workouts in a way that I wouldn’t do at home - more walking outside, tennis, skiing, yoga, hiking. I also love taking indoor cycling classes in other places to see what is being offered, what I can learn, and how the JoyRide experience is different / similar.

David: It all really depends where I am going or what I have planned. Normally, yes - nothing wrong with training on vacation! But also nothing wrong with taking some time to just enjoy yourself.

What do you personally do - or recommend for JoyRiders when they are away on vacation?
: I think it is ok to give ourselves a break (if our bodies are accustomed to a fitness schedule) and allow the mind and body to adjust to a different pace. With that said, I encourage JoyRiders to find ways to stay active and cross-train while they are away. Check out other local studios, spend more time outdoors, engage in sports, hiking, walks. Being active with your family and friends while away is a great way to bond and explore your new environment!

David: Personally, I love to weight train. It’s my go to choice of exercise. If a gym is available, that is definitely where I’ll be. But I’d recommend staying as close to your home exercise as possible! If you like to run, then make time for it! Or, if you usually spin (at JoyRide 😉) then maybe find an indoor bike and put on one of my playlists and/or download a JoyRide class on Forte!

We know you are very healthy people but what is your favorite guilty pleasure (food / drink)?
: I love wine! And I love chocolate!

David: Pizza is my weakness. With everything on top.

We all know that feeling when you need to get back to the workout after being away. Any recommendations for re-entering an exercise routine after taking some time off/changing it up?
: Make a plan! Sign up in advance so you are accountable to yourself when you get back into your routine. If you have had a regular routine where you committed to fitness every day/ 5 x a week, jump back into what was working for you. Vacation is a hiatus and respite for us to recharge, but the sooner you can get back into your familiar workout regimen the faster, you will be crushing those goals and enjoying the mental and health benefits that come along with physical activity (at JoyRide - being social is part of the benefit, too!)

David: Do not overwhelm yourself. We can’t just simply demand things from our minds and bodies. Be patient, loving, and kind with yourself. Don’t be afraid to back-track a little bit at the sake of your own happiness. You will get to where you want to be. Just keep pushing!