Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me - Instructor Colleen Hill

Next up in our instructor spotlight series, Colleen Hill. This vibrant JoyTexas instructor reveals how she is actually a Jersey girl! She shares here how she got her start as an NBA dancer and even spent some time on-air as she and her husband moved around the country! Her riders say she’s fierce and fun — and she basically dances on the bike!


1. I am a Jersey Girl born and raised! In fact, I grew up just barely an hour from the JoyRide CT studios! After high school, I immediately started auditioning as a dancer in NYC. I was close to making it as a Rockette, but the friend I went to the audition with did not make the cut, so I left with her.

2. I was offered my first job as an NBA dancer and found that I was able to also attend college close by at Ramapo College of New Jersey.  For the next four years, I studied, danced, taught dance classes and was able to perform all over New York City working for the dance company, New York Motion. We even performed on New Year’s Eve 2000 at the top of The World Trade Center!

3. While I was dancing in the NBA, I met my husband. He was NOT an NBA player — that was not allowed!! He was a basketball player who recently graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas! He became a basketball coach. Then, we got married and moved all over the country before landing back in Texas. That’s how I got to Texas all the way from Jersey!

My life as a dancer evolved to a dance teacher and eventually into fitness with a few funny stops along the way. Most notably, when we lived in Lexington, Kentucky, I spent a hot minute as the sports anchor for the local news station. I reported on 'all things Kentucky Basketball' while my husband was on the UK coaching staff. Eventually, I decided to leave all the basketball up to him and went back to teaching dance!

When we moved to San Antonio in 2012 with our two young boys, I made the shift into fitness. I began with the Faculty Wellness program at Trinity University, eventually adding PE courses to my teaching schedule. During one semester break, I got a package at JoyRide.  I fell in LOVE with the JOYfamily! My background in dance and fitness came into use when I was asked to audition. I feel like I practically have a master's degree in AUDITIONING, so it made saying YES easy!