Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me - Instructor John Yi

This world-traveling Yale graduate and admissions director burst upon us with such JOY that we were blown away (as are his riders!). We’re extra proud to spotlight this magnetic, brilliant, and sometimes blonde (!) instructor this month!

1. I work for the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions by day, which I have been doing since I graduated from Yale in 2013. I’m lucky to enough to travel and meet prospective students, families and educators from across the country and around the world. Most recently, I was in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore!


2. I have a twin sister, and my two older sisters are…also twins! My family means everything to me, and every day, I am so proud to be surrounded by such accomplished, thoughtful, and fearless women.


3. I absolutely couldn’t live without hiking! My ideal afternoon is packing trail snacks in a backpack, finding a hike, and getting lost in the trees.

hiking 1.jpeg