JoyRide Buddies - Spotlight on Christie Thompson and Andrea Minardi

Christie Thompson (left) and Andrea Minardi (right)

Christie Thompson (left) and Andrea Minardi (right)

In our second installment of JoyBuddies, we highlight another pair of JoyRidge Riders who inspire us with their dedication to fitness, showing up for each other — and their JOY! Christie and Andrea are dear friends who have been with JoyRidge since the start! They share how their discipline, athleticism and affection for each other motivate them day in and day out!

Here’s to this JOYful friendship and thanks for inspiring US!

Where are you both from?
Christie: Houston, TX
Andrea: Newtown, CT

How long have you been friends?
10 years

When / how did you decide to exercise together?
We are committed to fitness and both like a challenge. We are always up to trying new things.

Why at JoyRide?
The combination of the music, great dark studio and inspiring instructors keep us coming back for more! Plus, we love to chat with our fellow JoyRiders.

How does meeting up and riding together impact your workouts?
Accountability, socializing and fear of missing out keep us consistent and we push each other to be better!

Christie, what inspires you about Andrea?
Andrea inspires me in many ways - but her dedication to JoyRide really stands out. She’s committed to fitness, and shows up to ride, day in and day out. She’s an incredibly strong athlete - she can do (legit) push-ups for days! She inspires me to push myself harder and maybe one day I won’t be doing ‘girl’ push ups anymore! Andrea is also inspiring outside of the JoyRide studio - lovingly devoted to her family - and volunteering so much of her time at the kids’ schools and the Ridgefield community. She is a wonderful friend and a beautiful lady, inside and out!

Andrea, what inspires you about Christie?
Christie is as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the outside. Christie is a true perfectionist in everything she does, whether it is fitness, friendship, family or volunteer work. When she commits herself, she gives 110 percent. Once Christie is on board, you know there will be success. She makes everything appear effortless. I am lucky to call her my friend!

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