JoyRide Buddies - Spotlight on Longtime Friends: Bob Hebert and Tony Fernandez

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Friends who Ride Together…JoyRide Buddies 
Not only are friendships made at JoyRide — they are reinforced! We love when riders meet up to take class together because they show up, connect, hold each other accountable and motivate each other, as well as others around them! They also inspire us!

Our first spotlight in this series on Buddy Riders focuses on two friends from Ridgefield: Bob Hebert and Tony Fernandez. An idea for a Saturday arrangement led these two men to healthy minds and healthy hearts! Bob and Tony started attending men’s ministry meetings together, followed by a JoyRide class on Saturday mornings. They soon started meeting for more classes during the week! In spite of their busy lives, they have stayed true to their healthy pact.

Where are you both from?
: I was born and raised in Michigan, moved to Naperville, Illinois for three years before settling in Ridgefield in 1980.
: I was born in Cuba and grew up on Staten Island, NY. We have lived in Ridgefield for almost 20 years now.

How long have you been friends?
: Tony and I have been friends 10+ years.

When / how did you decide to exercise together, and why at JoyRide?
: My daughter, who is a spin instructor at Revolution Cycle in Los Gatos, invited me to attend a few of her classes when I was visiting her in early 2017.  When I returned home, I decided to try a couple of classes locally, and a friend, Margaret Scalley, recommended JoyRide. I enJOYed the classes and started going once or twice a week by myself.  Shortly after that, Tony invited me to join him at 6:30 on Saturday mornings for “Men's Mininstry" meetings at St. Mary.  I agreed to go with him if he would join me for Saturday morning spin classes at 8:45. He did, and we now attend two or three classes a week.  
: I have been exercising regularly at PTP (Personal Training Professional of Ridgefield) a few times per week. I was looking to do a bit more cardio, so decided to try a spin class with Bob. The first few classes were hard, but I enjoyed them. I have been a regular now for about two years. 

How does meeting up and riding together impact your workouts?
: We both lead very busy and very full lives. So, meeting up and riding together helps us  maintain a more disciplined and regular exercise schedule.  We also encourage each other and then celebrate our individual accomplishments, such as our 100th ride. Oh, did I mention that its also having a significant impact on our health, too?!

Tony: It definitely helps from an accountability standpoint. I am working very hard to make my 100th ride on or before my 60th Birthday next week! I booked four classes this week and will still need a few more next week.

Bob: I’m pretty sure that he will make it!!

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