Three Things you Didn’t Know About me — Instructor Miguel Rosa

This rockstar new instructor is not only a hero to JoyRide — he is a hero to our country.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it is only fitting that we highlight this strong, yet humble human. He shares three things about himself, including some personal moments serving with the Connecticut Army National Guard in Afghanistan.

1. I have a bachelor's degree in business and another in nursing. I have been working as an RN in different settings over the last five years and will be finishing my doctorate at the end of the year. Then I will sit for my boards to become a family nurse practitioner - someone who can see patients across their lifespan. Similar to a physician, I will be qualified to conduct physical exams, order labs and diagnostics, perform procedures and prescribe medications.

2. I have a seven year old daughter and two dogs who keep me busy and drive me crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. I served with the Connecticut Army National Guard for six years, and did two tours in Afghanistan with the 102nd Infantry Battalion. My first tour was nine months and my second was one year. I was a .50 cal machine gunner on my first deployment in Zabul province, and a mortar man on my second deployment to Laghman province. This flag is signed by all all those with whom I served, including a good friend, Edwin Rivera, who died. I always wore it inside of my jacket against my chest.

When asked about his journey to JOY, Miguel shared that (Ridgefield General Manager and former oncology nurse herself), Lauren Messina said to him one day: “If school doesn't work out, you should come teach for us." My first thought was, 'that's crazy!’ As I got more comfortable becoming uncomfortable on the bike, I learned how to tap into myself during those vulnerable times, and related each drill to life’s ups and downs. It became my outlet and my therapy. At the beginning of April, JoyRide posted on Instagram that they were holding auditions in New Haven. I thought back to what Lauren had said, and imagined it to be an amazing opportunity to share what I've learned on the bike with others. I took the first step and sent Rhodie an email on a Wednesday, didn't sleep for two days, auditioned on a Friday, and started training with the New Haven ROCKSTARS that following Saturday for the duration of the month! It’s been an incredible experience joining the JoyRide team. 

Ride with Miguel in Wilton, Ridgefield and New Haven.