We 🧡Our Teachers! Spotlight on teacher/JoyInstructor Danielle Getchell

"I have always thought of teaching as a passion - not a profession, whether I’m teaching a class at JoyRide, or my class at school."

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10), we are giving all teachers FREE afternoon/evening classes— and spotlighting instructor and Ridgefield resident, Danielle Getchell. Like our co-founder Rhodie (who started out as a teacher!), Danielle is a rockstar teacher inside AND outside of our studios! She shares here about how she balances the two professions — all with her signature smile. Thanks for what you do, Danielle!

Where do you teach school and what grade/age are your students?
I am a kindergarten teacher in Darien. My amazing students are five and six years old! 

You are obviously very energetic! How do you manage to teach, maintain your fitness schedule and are a mom, as well?
My parents have always told me to do what you love and love what you do! And that’s what I’m doing. My passion for all I do helps me keep that balance. Yes, there are days that are tough, but I get that extra energy and motivation from my JoyRiders, my students and of course, my family. I have a very supportive family that helps out. And they even take my classes! Team Getchell all the way! It’s so important to take time out for yourself. I’m always thanking my riders at the end of class for taking out time for themselves. I think it’s so important to do that to help keep that energy and happy balance in your life. Teaching at JoyRide helps me do that, too!

Are there any similarities between teaching your students and instructing a class?
Yes! I’m always motivating, encouraging and asking everyone from riders to my students to go outside their comfort zones and take risks. After all, that’s when you see growth and those positive changes! I have always thought of teaching as a passion and not a profession, whether I’m teaching a class at JoyRide or my class at school. Oh, and there have been some times during class that I call my JoyRiders “boys and girls” and my kindergarteners “JoyRiders!”

What does Teacher Appreciation Week mean to you and your fellow teachers?
Great question! Personally, I take this time to look back and realize the impact we have on the lives of our students that come through my classroom. As a parent, I always see the positive impact my children’s teachers have on them, and I appreciate that so much.

In your bio, you mention that you have a very old scratch-off ticket in your gym bag. What is the story behind that?
Story is simple — as a busy working mom of two very busy girls I have no time to clean out my gym bag! :)