Top 10 Reasons to Embrace the JoyRide App, a Guest Blog Post by Nancy Mastroianni

We have been hearing terrific feedback on our JoyRide app! Not only has our JoyRide community embraced it, our Darien / Westport client Nancy Mastroianni is so enthusiastic about it that she shared her own “Top 10 Reasons to Embrace the JoyRide App” with us (as well as a little about herself, too)! Thanks, Nancy!

As a former Buffalo suburban native, Nancy is now the head of growth for, a global conference on digital health and healthcare innovation. She shared: “I'm always evaluating innovation in my work life and I can't seem to stop myself in my day life. I try to maximize technology and efficiency from a user's perspective. This practice led me to notice some great features in the JoyRide app!”

Nancy also relates: “I've been a JoyRider for about a year and a half. One of my friends kept telling me about Mo's 'great spin class.'  I mentioned to her that I wasn't sure that I knew what a 'great spin class’ was, so I finally gave it a try. I got it immediately. I like the no-drama, no-stress on my joints and solid workout, regardless of one’s skill level. I also really appreciate the positive energy, instructors' passion, as well as the business-minded culture - without it feeling like ‘just another gym.’ I'm really your average person— I do my best to exercise while working full-time. I now have two adult sons and figured it’s never too late to be the best you can be. That's my lifetime project.”

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Top 10 Reasons to Embrace the JoyRide App
1. Every JoyRide class is only a "click away" once you download the app! 
You can find it in the App Store easiest by searching "JoyRide Cycling + Fitness.” You will see the orange logo come up, and you will know that you have the correct app. Remember, if this is your first time using the app, you need to log in and add your credit card again (only the first time).

2. The app allows you to easily plan your JoyRide classes for the week!
The weekly class schedule goes live Sunday morning at 8am

3. With the click of the app, you can book your classes for the week!
Be sure to click your way all the way through to secure your spots! 

4. Name your Location
As you can see, you can name your favorite JoyRide location OR have multiple locations. In the upper left hand corner, you can "pick your location.” The drop-down menu comes up, you "pick" your location by touching the designated JoyRide studio (or studios) and then click “done.” This includes JoyX studio classes as well! Your preferred studio classes will also automatically be saved.  

5. Embrace the waitlist! 
Don't worry if a class is full. Put yourself on the waitlist and you will automatically be emailed if a spot opens for you. There are no guarantees, but JoyRide does their best for you! 

6. Bring a Friend via the app!
Did you know the new app has the feature to bring a friend to the same class you signed up for? Simply sign yourself up for your class and then select "Add a Guest.” Click on “Add a Guest,” pick the bike for your friend next to you and secure his/her bike the same as you would for yourself. Next, enter their email address and they will receive an email confirmation. How easy is that? 

7. How am I Doing?
Remember on the new app, your JoyRide progress (i.e. number of classes you have taken) is only a click away. Open the app and get your update! Set a goal and achieve it! 

8: Manage My JoyRide Inventory
You can easily see how many classes you have left at a given time and add more as you need them! Purchasing classes is only a click away!

9. Buy More Classes with the Click of the App Button
Need more classes? No problem!  Click "Buy" at the bottom of the app screen and you will see the full array of JoyRide class pack options. Click to buy and you are on your way to more classes!  

10. It's easy, it's fast and it's no hassle!
Embrace the app and embrace its functionality. It is that easy! 

EnJOY your ride at JoyRide.  

lesley osborn