Instructor Spotlight: Allie Hershman

You may have seen this tall stunner on the bike— Allie Hershman has recently rejoined our team and you can catch her at JoyRide Darien on Mondays and Wednesdays. She shares here how she wants riders to be able LET GO of insecurities, devices and their comfort zone when they’re inside the cycling studio! For more information on Allie, as well as her class schedule, please visit: #JoyInstructorSpotlight

What are your top tips for your riders (new or more seasoned)?
First of all, hydrate as much as you can before showing up for class and be prepared to sweat, a lot! Don’t worry about clipping in. I always say this is one of the hardest parts of the ride and we are here to help! Walking into a new studio or class can be a little out of one’s comfort zone – but on the other side of our comfort zone is where our greatest victories and breakthroughs are found.  

As much as riding is a physical activity – you need to show up mentally as well. I mean, how amazing is it that you can put your phone away, clear your mind and give back to yourself for 50 minutes? I always say, it takes 90 seconds to change your mindset. So, no matter what kind of day you had outside the studio, by the end of the warmup — you can have a completely new perspective

What can riders expect if they take one of your classes?
I think all of our instructors deliver an intense, high-energy class – which, of course, I strive to do every time I show up. However, I want my riders to feel something that I have found on a deeper level – the level that a dark room and loud music has, and continues, to bring me. I found confidence in that room. I started to care less about what people thought of me, and more about how I felt. There are always one or two songs during which I just want my class to FEEL it – the beat, the vibe, and to just let themselves go – without giving a care about how they may look to others. I’m also all about a good pony tail flip and some extra swag up on that bike!

What do you do for your "day job"?
I left the corporate world last year, at 26 years old. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that I had to follow. I found a lot of success through network marketing with a luxury haircare brand and built out a team of over 5,000 amazing men and women who I am so grateful to have met and work with on a daily basis. After spending the last year and a half learning the ins and outs of the social media and the online space, I decided to utilize my platform and open an online private practice. I graduated from graduate school in 2016 and always had a dream of owning my own practice. My goal is to make mental health services more accessible through a confidential online portal. My practice recently launched in the beginning of 2019.  

What do you do to relax?
The last year and a half has been an absolute whirlwind for me, but it has also been a time where I have realized the importance of self-care. To be honest, I am still working on putting my phone away and just genuinely relaxing – whether that is unwinding with a good book, watching a guilty-pleasure reality TV show, or enjoying a glass of rose! My goal this year is to meditate more, and work on my own self-care.