"We Love to Make People Happy" a JoyCommunity Visit with Parlor, Wilton

“We Love to Make People Happy”

In our latest installment of JoyCommunty (where we spotlight and partner with local businesses), we were beyond JOYful to pay a special (and delicious!) visit to Parlor in Wilton, just around the corner from JoyWilton! Opened just five months ago by Tim LaBant, the owner and creator of the renowned Schoolhouse restaurant, his new culinary destination takes a similarly creative approach to the pizza space. It is basically a swan dive into the crowded pizza arena — and we are applauding!

parlor serving.jpeg

With the freshest of ingredients and careful crust-preparation, Tim explained that even those with gluten-sensitivities find his pizzas delectable. A native of Wilton, after graduation, Tim cooked for awhile out west and then decided to head to the corporate world at IBM. He quickly veered back to his passion and attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales, as did his former neighbor and head chef, Andrew Nadeau.

With deep roots in the community, Tim’s sisters, Megan of Blue Star Bazaar and Kristin, as well as his parents all live in this community-focused town and have followed local entrepreneurial pursuits. A road cyclist, who also embraces indoor cycling at JoyRide when his business and family schedules allow, Tim frequently joins his pals to ride a winding 20 miles from Wilton to Flour Water Salt Bread in Darien! He shares that the guys usually indulge in a croissant or some sort of delicious baked good there. He believes that this sort of delicious reward after a physically draining workout is a tangible treat that nourishes the body and soul. “Food makes people happy and this drives me and my business. We love to make people happy.” His philosophy obviously resonates with the JoyRide’s leaders, new CEO Becky, Amy and Rhodie, whose mission is to help riders lead "a big, joyful life."

A collection of our JoyWilton instructors and GMs were treated to several delicious pizzas and dishes, exclaiming “instructors eat too!” Adds road cyclist and master instructor, Jared “It is so important to refuel, and P.S. you need to treat yourself, too! Riders have spotted me eating out — and I always reinforce that when they see me."

In honor of Tim’s passions and as part of our enduring charitable mission, we are JOYning his efforts to support Chefs Cycle, an outdoor fundraising ride participated in by hundreds of chefs/members of the culinary community to raise funds to nourish underserved children. 

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019 and every Wednesday in April, ride in any morning JoyRide class and mention it at Parlor. A portion of your meal’s proceeds will benefit Chefs Cycle’s “No Kid Hungry” mission.

Special thanks to Tim and his amazingly JOYful team! This made US very happy!

Want to explore a #JoyCommunity partnership? Please email: enjoytheride@joyridestudio.com