Valentine’s Month 🧡 Faces of Joy II: The Peglers

The Couple That Cross-Trains Together...
Next up in our Valentine’s Month Couples’ Spotlights: Ryann and Hutch Pegler of Darien. Longtime JoyDarien riders, the Peglers are often seen together on their “favorite” bikes in the front row. This couple loves to cross-train and they use indoor cycling to help improve their strength in other sports they love, such as running. They are pictured here, having just completed the Huntington Beach Surf City 5K & Half Marathon with other Penn State alums in February! 

What initially brought you to JoyRide (i.e. was one of you riding here first and brought the other?)
I started coming to JoyRide when it first opened in 2013 and Hutch started coming with me a few years ago. 

Which classes do you usually attend?
I ride about three times per week and Hutch tries to come at least once or twice when he is in town and/or not doing CrossFit at Carozza Fitness. We try not to miss Dina’s Sunday morning class! It is one of our favorites!

How do you motivate each other / how does riding together affect you?
It is nice to sit down with our calendars at the beginning of the week and schedule time when we are going to JoyRide together. I was strictly a “second row” rider until Hutch started coming with me to class and now I always prefer to sit in the front row - whether he is with me or not!

How did you first meet?
We met in seventh grade, but did not start dating until senior year of high school.

How long have you lived in Darien?
17 years!

Has exercise always been a part of your lives?
I have always exercised. I started out mostly as a runner all through my 20’s and 30’s, but since hitting my 40’s running has taken a backseat to spin, paddle and tennis. I definitely like to switch it up so I don’t get bored. Hutch did not start consistently exercising until he turned 40. He loves CrossFit and has run two full marathons and 15 half marathons.

Supporting riders’ causes and charitable organizations is of the utmost importance to the JoyRide community, and a vital part of our mission. Is there a cause or organization about which you are passionate?
Darien Little League’s Challenger ProgramLet Me Run and Joshua House are all organizations with which we are involved and love!

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourselves that could help/ inspire others looking to get fitter/healthier?
Just get up and do something! No matter how tired you think you are before starting a workout you always feel better when you’re done. And everyone is busy, but we can always find even a little bit of time during the day for yourself to do something active.

lesley osborn