Faces of Joy: Instructor, Jared Marinelli Shares His Revelatory Journey Back From Injury

Have you taken time off from your workout routine, either electively or non-electively? You Can Get Back.  Jared shares the inspiring story of how he did.

While mountain biking this past fall, Master Instructor Jared Marinelli fell backwards off his bike and snapped a metacarpal (connecting) bone in his hand. Not one to succumb to pain, he initially brushed it off, presuming he had simply sprained his hand. However, after teaching three classes and waiting a couple of days, he realized that the throbbing pain was getting worse.

After his diagnosis, Jared was devastated to learn that he couldn't ride for four weeks. This was spirit-crushing news to a fitness instructor whose livelihood, routine and personal joy were so linked to coaching 12 cycle classes per week. However, as many in the JoyRide community know, Jared’s positivity and “glass is half full” approach fueled his desire to find a way.

With Rhodie’s blessing, he decided to retain his schedule and teach his classes while having other instructors, such as husband Adam, Dina, Emily, Heather and Danielle ride on the instructor bike for him. Says Jared, “I could have seen this setback as a wall, but I decided to modify my approach.”

As other instructors rode for him, he took his signature high energy, fun coaching style and danced and interacted with all the riders around the studio at a closer range during the entire class. “What I found was that the classes went wild! They loved my dancing and circulating. And frankly, I could see more closely what the riders were doing and encourage them to even higher cardiovascular thresholds! They were more accountable.”

Not only did Jared find JOY in his adjusted method, it has impacted how he teaches class, even after his cast came off. “Ironically, this injury turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me — and I have adjusted my coaching style in general.”

Jared shares that although he was actively “dancing” during class, it took several weeks to build back back to his prior fitness level. When his cast came off, he could barely lift his working hand. However, every day, he was able to make small improvements. He reminded himself daily that: "even though we ride on a stationery bike and endure setbacks, we are always progressing, getting stronger and moving forward in that room.”
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